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The Unveiling of the Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible

Romans 12:21
"And Be Not Overcome By Evil; But Overcome Evil With Good"
What better way during the 50th MLK Commemoration than to honor the works of God through His 20th Century Prophet, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than by placing his works in a commemorative bible? It makes clear that Rev. King was doing the works of a Biblical Rights activist as God ordained him to guide a nation through the justice objectives of the Civil Rights Movement.  What better time than know to advance the Civil Rights Movement: From Prophecy to Promise?

How does God see us? How does He orchestrate the assignments of His prophets, pastors?  And on the 50th observance of the final prophecy and assassination of His servant, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., how did God shape the social justice and Biblical Rights advocate?

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The Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible examines the 'Divinity Perspective,’ of the God of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and conveys what God was up to during The Civil Rights Movement.  It is authored by Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., a pastor and Biblical Rights activist who played a key role in the first three years of the Federal MLK Holiday from Memphis, Tennessee, including his deliverance of the opening tribute for debut of the National Civil Rights Museum.  Since 1989, Hunt has produced national tributes to Rev. Dr. King and has documented these ‘prophecy to promise’ events.   The Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible features multiple accounts of what happened beyond King’s ‘final prophecy’ delivered on April 3, 1968, from Mason Temple Church of God in Christ. Hunt worked for and was a member of this institution for over 40 years. The College of Aspiring Artists (where Hunt is Founder) is partnering with a nationally known publishing company to release the bible in 2018 along with its companion app.

Why a New Bible Version including Rev. Dr. King?  No, Rev. Dr. King is not ‘the only one’ who has done great works beyond the writing and printing of the first King James Version on record since 1611, but he is the ‘only one’ that God has placed at this level of honor to bring America and the nations back to him through the works of His exemplary prophet and Biblical Rights leader.  Rev. Dr. King is also the only modern-day American who is not a President with a federal holiday designated in his honor. Monuments on the National Mall are built to honor Presidents, yet Dr. King’s legacy is memorialized on the National Mall.

50 years after the ‘prophecy to promise' timeline, what has been fulfilled and what remains for this generation to accomplish? What does God want us to learn and where do we find the answers?  For the first time in history, this Biblical textbook platces and traces’ the works of Rev. Dr. King back to the genesis of his calling.
 “No one owns anyone. The scripture says that we have been ‘bought with a price.’ Only Sovereign God, the creator/owner, has the ultimate blueprint and guide to our God-ordained destinies.  This blueprint is the BIBLE. It's God's Word from throughout the ages. We all came from God, we all were created equally by Him, and all of us are on are way back to Him.  What's different today? It's the same God, but 'it's a different world.’  This bible, emphasizingThe God of Rev. Dr. King,’ will be a tool to help people now, and for generations to come know that the God of MLK-JR,  is the same God of the prophets in the bible and— everyone who desires can have access to this same God…TODAY!”  Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.   

Why a Commemorative Bible 50 Years beyond the Final Prophecy and Assassination of Rev. Dr. MLK-Jr.
Yes Regarding Charlottesville-  But Way Way more... 
  • What if we had a bible that contained a commentary on how God used his prophets and spiritual leaders throughout the ages to show how love overcomes hate- EVERY-TIME?
  • What if 100,000 pastors would preach from this bible for one year on the subjects of love and non-violence? 
  • What if there was a curriculum that taught on diversity from the ONE NATION (under God) Kingdom view?
  • What if, in honor of the 50th Commemoration of the Final Prophecy and Assassination of the 20th Century Prophet-Pastor-Preacher, Rev. Dr. MLK-Jr., we could release this Bible? 
  •  What if national ministries and spiritual organizations would get behind this like sport enthusiast back their leagues and their famous athletes and invest millions of dollars?

Additional Details Coming August 28, 2017 at National Press Conference TBA Here.


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