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Join us in DC for a MLK50 Worship Celebration aimed to make God happy.  We are commemorating 50 years, 'from prophecy to promise.   A series of services throughout an eight-hour day on April 3 and 4. will take place marking 50 years beyond the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  These days of honor also salutes and honors all clergy who are keeping the faith as Rev. Dr. King and others in his day did on behalf of their walk with God.  Producers of the 1st MLK Holiday tributes in Memphis including the opening tribute for the National Civil Rights Museum will provide platforms for Pastors, Prayer Leaders, Worship Leaders from Across the Nation to converge in the Nation's Capitol for days committed to celebrating and honoring the true meaning of:  Love, Legacy and Life. 
OUR THEME: "WE'VE DECIDED TO BE UNITED" says it all.  This is the heartbeat of our salute for our nation. From Arkansas across America... ALL LIVES MATTER!  We are remo…
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MLK Holiday 2018: God Has Spoken... Now Hear the Governor and the Gospel Preachers

The Unveiling of the Legacy 5.0 Commemorative Bible

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Romans 12:21
"And Be Not Overcome By Evil; But Overcome Evil With Good"
What better way during the 50th MLK Commemoration than to honor the works of God through His 20th Century Prophet, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., than by placing his works in a commemorative bible? It makes clear that Rev. King was doing the works of a Biblical Rights activist as God ordained him to guide a nation through the justice objectives of the Civil Rights Movement.  What better time than know to advance the Civil Rights Movement: From Prophecy to Promise?

How does God see us? How does He orchestrate the assignments of His prophets, pastors?  And on the 50th observance of the final prophecy and assassination of His servant, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., how did God shape the social justice and Biblical Rights advocate?

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The Legac…

VTN- Special...Arkansas Alive 5/1/17: National Day of Prayer- GIVE US THIS DAY

NOW Showing....  VTN- Victory Television Network National Day of Prayer Special with Pastor Happy Caldwell and Pastor Arthur L.Hunt, Jr.-    Hear Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson Share Uplifting Scriptures and St. Mary Harris Share an Aftercare Prison Vision-  I'm sharing a Biblical Unveiling in the Nation with Rev. Dr. MLK-jr Together we are Praying for you and for our Nation From the ARK.  

Watch the 30-minute program, share, pray and join us- NDP 2017

For His GREAT Name's Sake: Oh Lord, Hear Us-Forgive Us-Heal Us

What's Next for Arkansas?

"Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., Say's What's Next for Arkansas with MLK and Introduces Governor Asa Hutchinson Who Tells Us More| 4.4.2017 "Give Us This Day" Prayer Breakfast"

Click here to here the opening remarks- Hunt says Arkansas should 'be the ONE'
The Governor Speaks

April 4, 2017 “Give Us This Day—Prayer Breakfast and Gathering Honoring AR MLK Holiday 2018


The 2017 National Day of Prayer Arkansas Prayer Breakfast First Gathering of National Rembrance of Rev. MLK Beyond the Passing of Senate Bill 519  “Give Us This DayGiving Honor to God and Prayers of Thanksgiving for AR MLK Holiday 2018... Plus the First-look at New Develop Plans How AR Will Honor Rev. Dr. MLK- 50 Years Later 
April 4, 2017 | Doubletree Hotel, Little Rock, AR | 8am-9am

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Producer Dr. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., Speaks in Advocacy of the Passing of Senate Bill 519

LITTLE ROCK—On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, (the 49th Anniversary of the Assassination of Rev. Dr. King), Arkansas will kick-off a 30-day period to the 2017 National Day of Prayer with a month-long prayer assignment. The 2017 “Give Us This Day” Prayer Breakfast & Gathering comes forth and embraces Governor Asa Hutchinson's recent signing into law Senate Bill 519, eliminating the dual holiday status and co…

The Year is 2017: The Arkansas King-Lee Holiday Debate- REALLY? -We are Way Overdue in Getting This One Over and Done-

Arkansas Will Get This One Right
Arkansas... (and this means- ALL OF US who live in this great state), we are well past the time of patience having time to do what the meaning and purpose of 'patience' is truly assigned to do.  My first question regarding this 'way past due' debate/delay on separating the King-Lee Holiday in the ARK is this- When will we learn and stop being 'ever-learning' and never coming to the knowledge of truth?  This is what the Apostle Paul shared with his spiritual son, Timothy in his New Testament writing that applied to those in his day, but it is so relevant and applicable to our present day in Arkansas.
When we see the title/salutation 'Reverend' addressing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., it signifies that we are giving honor to a minister/pastor/preacher/prophet.  When you add the significance of a having a Federal Holiday in his honor for 34 years (which was achieved through the intense disciplines and scrutiny of much prayer,…